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The Dreamoc™ Display is digital signage with a difference, it is great for making your product stand out and captivates consumers with it's magic

It is designed to allow a real tangible product or piece of artefact to be placed inside the Dreamoc™ unit, the full HD motion graphics are displayed 360 degrees around the product. This presents a free floating holographic element combining real life with fiction.

  • Bespoke content can be created to suit the product or message
  • It's a plug and play set up
  • Great for POS, product merchandising & providing information
  • Elegant product display

We have a range of Dreamoc™ systems available:

  • Dreamoc™ HD
  • Dreamoc™ XL2
  • Dreamoc™ POP
  • Dreamoc™ Scandinavia 360
  • Dreamoc™ Scandinavia 180
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