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360 degrees of glorious surface to project your messages on. With its grand scale and sheer ability to hold graphics, video and branding - this piece really is a venue in itself.

The technical stuff:

The projection sphere is a 22m diameter sphere which is projected on from the inside creating a 360° projection surface, made from semi-translucent material making it visible both inside and out.

The can hold up to 450 people and an external event/exhibition area can be built to suit.

The Sphere takes 2 days to inflate and is held in position by positive pressure meaning there is no requirement for an internal structure.

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Interactive Floors

iFX floor

The interactive floor system works by tracking movements from above across a select area, which then changes the underneath display

The creative opportunities are endless...

We can create bespoke content to reflect any brand or theme.

The technical Stuff:

  • Projector: 5000 lumen projector
  • Height requirement: 4.6m (this would achieve a 4m x 3m interactive surface
  • Rigging position: centrally above projection area
  • Flooring: white semi-tack vinyl
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iFX holoshow

iFX holoshow

iFX holoshow Project



As part of our 3D-holoshow service

We design, build and project manage the installation of large scale 3D holographic projection systems at events, shows, product launches, and conferences – to create life-size 3D holograms on stage that can entertain and interact with your audience.

Our hologram stage projections can 'wow' and captivate an audience like never before. There is no need for 3D glasses, the holographic projection techniques that we use mean that the 3D holograms appear to float on stage with mesmerising depth.

The technical stuff: 

  • HD projector and lens - number of lumens depending on size of required projection, stage and audience.
  • HD media player - to run the HD content.
  • Our 3D-holofilm - the key ingredient to creating our 3D holographic displays
  • Our unique tension system to secure the 3D-holofilm in place.
  • Steel box frame – to attach 3D-holofilm to the truss.
  • Stage set-up – Essentially a “black box” constructed using aluminum truss, black drapes, staging, lights, and a audio system.
  • 3D holographic Content – Creation of a 3D-video produced HD film, animation and special effects. Lighting and audio systems to add to the dramatic 3D hologram effect.

Interactive Hologram from i-FX Media on Vimeo.

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Interactive Walls

iFX interactive walls

Interactive walls can be supplied in a number of options, from single touch to true multi-touch dependant to requirement and installation position

This technology allows direct interaction by a guest with the onscreen content with no requirement for additional interfaces.

The technical stuff:

  • Technical specifications
  • Display Hardware: Projection or LCD Display.
  • Touch points: single, dual, 32 or full multi touch.
  • Screen Size: All standard LCD or bespoke design if required.
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iFX dreamoc

The Dreamoc™ Display is digital signage with a difference, it is great for making your product stand out and captivates consumers with it's magic

It is designed to allow a real tangible product or piece of artefact to be placed inside the Dreamoc™ unit, the full HD motion graphics are displayed 360 degrees around the product. This presents a free floating holographic element combining real life with fiction.

  • Bespoke content can be created to suit the product or message
  • It's a plug and play set up
  • Great for POS, product merchandising & providing information
  • Elegant product display

We have a range of Dreamoc™ systems available:

  • Dreamoc™ HD
  • Dreamoc™ XL2
  • Dreamoc™ POP
  • Dreamoc™ Scandinavia 360
  • Dreamoc™ Scandinavia 180
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