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Is it a bird?… is it a plane?’s Skyscreen

Event: Outdoor advertising platform

Our challenge: to create a new advertising platform

How did we do it? Working closely with a LTA engineer iFX Media have created a world first. An 18m diameter lenticular helium filled aerostat that became a projection surface.

The SkyScreen is an 18 meter lenticular aerostat which can fly tethered to a height of 60m. The aerostat has lift capability to carry AV equipment which is suspended in a cradle allowing media displays on the underside of the aerostat creating a 360° viewable communication platform, the content can have an interactive element if required. During daylight hours a branded circular banner can be attached to the underside of the aerostat or LED Webbing.

The aerostat can be used as a canopy at outdoor events and the lenticular design gives it stability in winds.

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