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ford holoshow

ford holoshow

ford holoshow


Voice Activated Holograms

Event: Launch for the new Ford Fiesta

Our challenge: To design and produce a life size voice activated hologram

How did we do it? iFX Media were selected from the competition to design and create a solution for a voice interactive life size hologram of a Ford Fiesta to tour Europe.

With partners involved from Italy, Hong Kong and Portugal and designed a technical solution that delivered beyond the clients expectations. We provided the voice activated hologram for the launch of the new Ford Fiesta and to top it off - to make the person controlling the hologram appear inside the driving seat of the holographic car in real time.

The animated car had to respond to the guests voice commands, everything from jumping, wheelies, to dancing. To achieve this we had to create a 3D model of the new car and animate it to perform its commands. We worked extremely closely with the agencies creative department and the end client to ensure all details were perfect.

Our communication system used a voice activation platform, which linked with our playback system of high-powered servers and created the interactive playback. The real time appearance of the guest in the driving seat was achieved using a specialist chroma key LED system. These elements combined to make a brilliant interactive hologram experience.

What they said: "iFX were production partners in the truest sense – they were hands on form the outset and worked tirelessly to provide the best solution with in the constraints of buget and deadlines.

When challenges arose they were equal to them and pulled out all of the stops to ensure a delivery on time – an asset to any team."

Momentum Worldwide - London

Interactive Hologram from i-FX Media on Vimeo.

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