Bjorn Borg Waterscreen

iFX-Media Waterscreen

iFX-Media Waterscreen

iFX-Media Waterscreen


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Kicking off London Fashion Week with a splash

Event: Bjorn Borg Lights Out at Battersea Power Station

Our challenge: Provide a Waterscreen on land

How did we do it? iFX Media were hired to provide and manage the production of the Waterscreen show for the Bjorn Borg Lights Out event, which was held at Battersea Power Station. The Waterscreen was streamed live around the world on MTV and kicked off London Fashion Week.

We built an onsite water tank, which held 216,000 litres of water. The specialist water pumps sprayed water to produce a projection screen measuring 30m in diameter. The colourful content of Bjorn Borg's underwear range and the northern lights were then supported by a fantastic laser show.

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Bjorn Borg Lights out Battersea Waterscreen from i-FX Media on Vimeo.