Ford Freezes London

Ford Freezes Londo
Ford Freezes Londo
Ford Freezes London

We ‘froze’ a building when we launched the new S-Max for Ford in London

Event: Launch of new S-Max

Our challenge: To production manage the 3D Projection Mapping onto buildings in London & Liverpool

How did we do it? We worked with an interactive arts and technology collective to create a 3D Projection Mapping project on two pre-selected venues The Senate House in London & The Ventilation building in Liverpool.

Bespoke content created by the Arts Collective was mapped onto each
building making it appear to freeze.

With the ice creeping up the architecture and developing crevices, a projected ice climber appeared to ascend the building, climb and teeter on ledges. The finale saw the ice climber walking a long ledge with a balance pole, where a banner dropped to reveal a branded message.

The content also had an interactive element, allowing guests to shoot and cut the ice with bespoke laser guns, the cut pieces of ice crashed to the ground. C02 machines then released bursts of gas as the ice fell to create the illusion of ice clouds.

Ford Freezes London from i-FX Media on Vimeo.


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